Commercial products / Icebreakers

Multipurpose nuclear-powered icebreaker

Power - 60 MW


Designed for:

  • escorting vessels (including those of large-capacity), year-round leading convoys in the Western area of the Arctic;
  • icebreaking assistance in shallow areas of the Yenisei river (direction to Dudinka) and the Gulf of Ob;

  • towing vessels and other floating structures in ice and open water;
  • rescue and salvage operations in ice and open water.

Maximum thickness of the level compact fast ice the icebreaker can move through at a speed of 1.5−2 knots is 2.8 m.

It is equipped with three FPPs with removable blades.

Vessel class

RMRS: КМ Icebreaker 9 [2] AUT2-ICS EPP


Length 173,3 m
Beam 34 m
Draught 10,5 m
Speed 22 knots
Range unlimited
Endurance 183 days
Crew 75 persons
Main power plant 2×175000 kW