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Ice-resistant fixed platform

Designed for simultaneous drilling and operation of drilled wells.

Drilling, energy and production complexes are located on the platform.

Drilling complex provides a bush drilling of 11 directional wells with horizontal trunk completion, including 8 exploitation wells for hydrocarbon production and 3 injection wells to maintain reservoir pressure.

Energy complex is designed to provide electricity and heat to the drilling and production facilities of central technology platform.

Production complex is intended for collection of well-stream, performance measuring, and its feed to the central technological platform.

Platform consists of the superstructure and jacket.


Overall length 80 m
Overall width 50 m
Overall depth 20 m
Displacement 14 000 t
Number of wells 11
Sea depth in the place of installation 7 m
Ice depth 1 m
Main power plant 4×8000 kW