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Project 12300 "Scorpion"

Missile-artillery boat

The boat is designed to destroy enemy surface combatants, boats and transports independently or in cooperation with naval striking forces.


Displacement ?460 tons
Length ?57 m
Beam ?10.3 m
Draft ?2.5 m
Speed ?40 (w/ diesel-gas turbine plant) /
?33 (with diesel plant) knots
Cruising range ?2000 nm
Endurance 10 days

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant:
Version 1
2 x MTU 16V1163TB93 diesel engines
Version 2
1 x GTU-12 gas turbine unit
2 x M530 diesels or 16V4000M90 diesels engines


Strike missile: 1 x Yakhont anti-ship missiles system, 4 missiles /
1 x Uran-E, 8 missiles (Club or Moskit missile systems can also be fitted)
Artillery: 1 x 100 mm A-190-5P-10E gun
Air defense: 1 x Kashtan gun missile CIWS
Countermeasures: 1 x Pallada sonar
1 x MP-405-1E
1 x PK-10
Aviation: A helicopter or a UAV can be deployed instead of missile systems
Electronic equipment: 1 x Monument-E / 1 x Mineral-ME / 1 x Furke-E radar
1 x Pozitiv-ME1 (If Furke-E is installed, Pozitiv is not to be fitted)
1 x Gorizont-25 INS
1 x Ladoga-ME inertial navigation and stabilization suite
1 x Sigma-E combat management system