Military products / Surface ships

Project 12418

Missile boat

Designed for destruction of enemy surface combatants, boats and transports independently or in cooperation with naval striking forces.


Displacement 510 t
Length 56,9 m
Beam 10,2 m
Speed 39-40 knots
Range 2300 nm
Endurance 10 days

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant 1 x GGTA M15E.1 gas turbine unit


Missile 1 x Uran, 16 missiles
Artillery 1 x AK-176M gun, 76.2 mm
2 x AK-630M1-2 guns, 30mm
Air defense 12 x Igla MANPADS
Countermeasures 1 x MP-407-E
1 x PK-10
Electronic equipment 1 x Monument-E
1 x Liman navigation radar