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Project 20382, small escort ship (corvette)

Designed for fighting against enemy surface combatants, submarines and aircraft, for ensuring combat security of naval task forces, for engaging shore targets with artillery fire, for guarding the state border at sea and the Economic Exclusion Zone.


Version 1
about 2200 t
Version 2
about 2250 t
Length about 104,5 m
Beam about 13,0 m
Version 1
up to 26 knots
Version 2
up to 30 knots
Range about 3500 nm
Endurance 15 days
Complement 100 persons

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant
Version 1
2×1DDA.12000 diesel-diesel units
Version 2
2 x DGTA diesel-gas turbine units


Version 1
1 x Uran-E, 8 missiles
Version 2
1 x Kalibr-NKE, 8 missiles, or 1 x Yakhont, 8 missiles
Air defense
Version 1
32 SAMs, 3 000 (30 mm) rounds, 2 x AK-630M guns (6 000 rounds
Version 2
16 SAMs, 2 000 (30 mm) rounds, 2 x Shturm-V system-based naval launchers
Version 1
1×100mm 190E gun
Version 2
1×76 mm AK-176M gun
Fire arms 2×14.5 mm machine guns (Version 2)
Countermeasures 1 x TK-25E or MP-405-1E-AMAR suite
1 x PK-10 system, 1 x Pallada or Anapa-ME sonar, 2 x DP-64 grenade launchers
Aviation 1 x Ka-28 ASW helicopter or Ka-31 radar warning helicopter
Electronic equipment 1 x Monument-E detection and target acquisition suite
or Mineral-ME radar suite or SEASTAR Thales active phased array radar (X-band)
1 x Furke-E or Pozitiv-ME1 radar or 3D SMILE Thales radar (as part of Thales Integrated Mast)
1 x Gorizont-25 suite, 1 x Gorizont-25 navigation radar, 1 x Sigma-E combat management system or
Combat & Information Centre Thales (as part of Thales Integrated Mast)